What does it do?

Know one password.
Generate all the others.

Master Password is the answer to the problem that websites have forced on us.

Master Password is not a password manager. It is not a secure vault or a digital notebook. It is something else entirely, and yet something so simple.

Think of it as, a store-bought calculator. If your name was 1337, your master password was 5317 and you'd like to log into the site 707, take any calculator in the world and type in 1337 + 5317 + 707 to get the password to use for this site, = 7361.

Can somebody steal your password? Just hit .
What are you going to do if you forget your site's password? Just redo the math.
What if you lose or break your device? Borrow a buddy's or get a new one, math is universal.
Does a calculator need to sync with the cloud before you can use it? No, just remember your own name and master password.

This is the freedom Master Password gives you.
Master Password performs a similar but cryptographically secure operation, hardened by interweaving primitives against both known and unknown attack vectors, ensuring that targeting your identity remains absolutely insurmountable.

With Master Password you leave no passwords laying around. You no longer store passwords in commercial, proprietory apps and no longer send them off to the cloud. You are no longer tied to your laptop or the internet if you need to look one up. Even if a personal or natural catastrophe causes you loss, you can never lose your account passwords — all you ever need is your one and only secret master password and anyone's Master Password calculator app.