What's your ?

Passwords are regarded as a "necessary evil" to having accounts online. We accept them as the way things are done online and try to adapt.
But upon reflection, we find that we've adapted quite poorly.

Sites everywhere expect us to come up with a secure and unique password for them. But we're not security professionals. We do our best to compensate for this unrealistic demand: to keep track of passwords, we reach for notebooks, our computers, apps, or we simplify them so we won't forget.
We've become symptomatic.

The real issue.

Humans are no good at remembering lots of passwords. But writing them down or saving them is dangerous, too.

Master Password avoids all the pitfalls: a cryptographic algorithm calculates your site's password for you, only when you need it.
When you're done, it erases the password from the device, so it can't be stolen.

Master Password's unique approach makes you safer from loss, theft, problems with backups, sync, confiscation, snooping, and more.

Let's see how Master Password could help.
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